Charlie Bit Me! Our Fascination with Naughty Kids and Minding Other People’s Business

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12th Sep 2011

Isn’t it funny how we are captivated by an article that woman is reading on the train and we cannot resist discreetly peeping over her shoulder to while away the mundane minutes on the tube. ‘Go and get your own copy!’ She cries or, ‘for f***s sake if it’s so bl**dy interesting here! take the b***dy paper.’

Crisps always taste better out of other people’s packets.

Then there is the woman splitting up with her boyfriend on the bus. Here is an extract taken from an actual conversation I overheard in town.

Man: …you spent most of this evening with that lecherous old git and totally ignored me!

Woman: Why should I always have to sit with you. You are so boring.’

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Man: I do everything you like, take you out, pay the bills, cook, pay the rent, what do you do?

Woman: Washing… suck your cock!

Man: Er … when?

By this point the passengers at the bus stop are cringing, or secretly sniggering and hoping that the bus won’t come just yet! Meanwhile the irate woman is throwing her suitcase into the middle of the road, exposing her knickers and screaming ‘I want to stay in a hotel!!!’

We just love to poke out nose into other people’s lives.

Naughty kids.


Kids annoy and frustrate us, wind us up and torment us yet if they belong to other people then their misbehaviour is a source of guilty entertainment. Like movie goers we just can’t resist waiting around to see what the outcome will be.

You’ve been Framed is a popular TV show featuring embarrassing incidents, the best of which are made by children. Facebook and twitter are full of humorous videos other people have posted for us to laugh at.

A couple of parents cashed in on this addiction with other people’s kids and made a video called Charlie Bit Me! The internet video has become so popular that it has received an incredible amount of views and there have been various spin offs by celebrities too.  Perhaps we internet writers should call it a day and go film some kids doing naughty things.

  • Eunice Tan

    Very interesting video. Charlie is cute.