Chastity Belts Come Out Fearing Tiger on The Loose

Published by in Humor
28th Jul 2010

Thousdands of husbands and boyfirnds in South Africa joked that they are looking for their wives’ chastity belts after hearing that tiger was on the run.

An 18 month old male tiger called Panjo escaped from its owner’s closed pick up, en route to the local veterinarian. The 145kg beast, owned by a Portuguese lady in South Africa had reportedly cause major road blocks and a serious quest including 10,000 armed farmers in the Groblesdaal – Delmas – springs triangle of South Africa’s Gauteng province. The owner says she hand reared the domesticated tiger and explained how it acts like a pet dog. Some golfers driving a volkswagen caddy in the vicinity said they had sighted the tiger on one of the main roads, near Delmas. But it wasn’t Tiger Woods.