Child’s Murmur

  • Mother says I’m a liar, how could it be? When in fact she told me to have my dream bike last year.
  • Father said “be strong always and don’t be a weakling”, but then he won’t allow me to help him fix the furnace.
  • My parents insist to tell the truth every time I commit mistakes, but when I tell the truth, they suddenly became a monster.
  • They want me not to talk to strangers but then what does this nanny doing inside my room?
  • They want me to listen and they never stop talking.
  • They said that I’m the reason why they work very hard but why they have no more time for me?
  • Torturing is bad but why they locked me inside my room?
  • Be kind to animals, how about those beggars?
  • Do not shout when you talk, but why I see them shouting each other.
  • How I was made? “the king bird brought you here” was their polite reply.   


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