Best Video Parodies of Blurred Lines

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1st Sep 2013

Best Video Parodies of Blurred Lines

Everyone is obsessed with Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. It is among the hottest song this year hitting the Billboard Hot 100 for eleven weeks. The weird, funny, sexy, twerky and of course, controversial music video is a perfect target for parodies with flashing red typo hashtags. Check out the following top video parodies of Blurred Lines.

The womanizer, Bill Clinton is back in limelight in this parody spinning about womanizing. Although Clinton isn’t actually singing in this clip, it is still a creative mash-up of his speeches.


We know all about Rick Perry’s misogyny and how Wendy Davis stood up, but documenting it literally in “Blurred Lines” would perhaps uphold women rights better, delivering a clearer message in this role reversing political parody.         


Bon appetites with this sweet tooth hungry girl craving for dessert take on Blurred Lines. Crème brulee, apple pie and doughnuts are on the menu. That’s yummy.


Cougars are the hottest chick in town. For a full description on cougars job description, check out the video below.   

There are good girls and good boys. If the original version of Blurred Lines is too feminist, perhaps good boy is too masculine. Both delivering the same message, there is nothing to be ashamed with a human body.

There is even an animal parody featuring adorable dogs by the Pet Collection.  

For a Thai version of Blurred Lines, check out.