Did Curiosity Really Kill The Cat?

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18th Dec 2010

Cats are known for being curious, as well as vocal and independent. Some cats, such as the Siamese cats, are known for opening doors and drawers. Calico cats will follow their owner from room to room, in order to observe what they are doing. The untimely death of one particular feline is supposed to have inspired this particular proverb, which is used to warn people about the dangers of being too curious.


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One of the earliest known appearances of this proverb in print was made in the Galveston Daily News in 1898. In the newspaper, it was written that curiosity once killed a Thomas cat. So was the origin of the proverb based on the adventures of a male cat? Did he get stuck or fall after investigating a chimney? Was he one of those cats that like to sit on fences and sing? Did he try to find a new spot to sing and end up in a cat fight? Did he poke his nose into a pipeline?


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Cats start exploring their surroundings when they are very young and older female cats have their paws full keeping their kittens out of trouble. Adult cats seem to find it hard to resist an open door anywhere inside or outside the house. Cat owners with curious cats should take precautions to keep their cats safe, such as not keeping sharp knives out where cats can reach them, storing poisons out of the reach of their cats and keeping their windows screened at all times.


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However, while curiosity or inquisitiveness supposedly leads both cats and people into dangerous situations, curiosity is a good thing. Curious people and cats, learn more about their surroundings by investigating what is around them. Predators such as cats are known for being curious. Knowing everything about your surroundings helps you to defend yourself from threats. For cats, being curious can also help them to find food, or opportunities for hunting. Maybe it wasn’t curiosity that killed the cat. Maybe it was carelessness.

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