Do You Like Facts of Opinions

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5th Feb 2013


Do you like facts of opinions

Opinions are feelings and way of thinking, depend on believing and what happens in your life from childhood until now. While facts are scientifically true. its what you believe and what you know. Its lifes hopes and real day.

Its hard to distinguish between them, as sometimes you believe in facts so they are also your opinion and facts.

When talking to some one you need to learn the facts that your are talking about and the facts that he is talking and the difference opinion that are from these facts, add also the learning degree and the events to be able to reach the truth.

To argue or to own your rights you need to have a say and facts also.

When you have these opinions and facts:

You will be able to be strong

You are going to have self esteem

Your are getting trust in your self and others too, and respect

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