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6th Feb 2013


This is a song for all our learning experiences that give us both tears and laughters!

For my first internship experience, my accountabilities and responsibilities are:

1 MMaintaining the Resource Center

This was the first thing they asked me to do while I am observing how things work. The collection is small because the target clients and their needs are very specific.  The books occupy about one side of the room and the rest are reading and listening areas for the CDs and DVD materials. The books amazing because, aside from the fact that they are all expensive, their pages are all laminated and bounded by rings and protected by plastic folders. Literally, they are so heavy and I think I lost 7% of my 17% remaining body fat.

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Maintenance work is something that I don’t really like initially. It was about checking the arrangements of books, checking if there are pen marks, or torn covers or pages, damaged folders, lagging or skipping CDs, DVDs, checking if the players and computers are working. The work also involves documenting all damages observed and then repairing or replacing those materials with damaged. At the back of my head I was revolting a little, “This is so easy. I want to use my voice and brain.”

To get the work that I want, I psyched myself up to do all the no brainer task right and right away. On the process, I was able to enjoy the moment because of the content of the books and because repairing and replacing materials with damage is also challenging. For example, replacing a cover involves:

1)       finding a high resolution version of the book, or photocopying the new books displayed at the front desk

2)      laminating them and then making holes for the ring

3)      strengthening the holes with metal rings

The third step is the hardest because I need to push the stuff that looks like pliers really hard in order to frame the hole with the metal and make the page stronger.

Maintenance works actually made me feel like a SUPERWOMAN!

2.     Assisting in answering customer enquiries at the Front Office

I was so excited about this because I love dealing with different people. I really love being part of one’s success (directly or indirectly). In Filipino language I am what we call, “MA-PAPEL”. But unfortunately, I felt like my handlers don’t trust me enough to do this, I felt like since day one, they’re always giving tasks far from the front desk. 

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