“Enne Poloru Unfit” Book Review by Mohammed Abdul Rahman.konari Onari

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4th Jul 2013

                  “Ennappoloru Unfit”

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                Book Review by Mohammed Abdurahiman.Konari

              “Ennappoloru Unfit”(An unfit like me) is a collection  of Malayalam short stories written by Dr.T.Abdullakoya who is a pediatrician by profession.The renowned writer Mrs.K.P.Sudheera has written  a thought provoking introduction. The humor and jokes make this book enjoyable. Humor has become one of the outstanding features of modern literature. Humor is a form of entertainment and a form of human communication intended to make people laugh and feel happy. Humor often varies by locality, does not easily transfer from one culture to another. The person who cannot understand the context cannot understand humor.

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       Humor as a particular branch in literature developed too late. Earlier times , our predecessors   were a hard working  and down to earth lot. They were engaged in fierce material struggle for existence. Only when condition of life becomes considerably less harsh people can enjoy humor and jokes. In the case of Malaya lees of Kerala, the  inflow of Gulf money has created an  atmosphere conducive for the appreciation of humor in literature and  life.

       In English literature it made its first significant appearance in Washington Irwing’s satirical work, “A History of Newyork “,which was puplished in1809 and followed by more matured ones like “sketch Book”(,in which he introduced Rip Van Winkle) and Brace bridge hall. Then adventure of Tom sawyer by renowned Mark twain which has out lived the creations of his contemporaries.

               When we come to the history of Malayalam literature, it is believed that, the humor originated during the time of “Tolan” .He is  said to be the father of Manipravalam, which is a  blend  of  Sanskrit and Malayalam. He was a court jester and poet of the king Kulasekharan. Kalakkath Kunchan Nambiar and Venmani Namboodiris nourished this branch of Malayalam literature.E.V.Krishnapilla,Sanjayan (M.R.Nair).V.K.N were great contributers of humor in Malayalam.

          This book “Ennappoloru Misfit”  could well provide the laughter and guffaws after a  hard days labor. Laughing  at others  we may catch a glimpse of our selves .Such is the variety of characters’   appear in the stories. They include class four employees, patients, by standers, nurses, and doctors. Most of them are related to the medical field.This stories with full of jokes and humor is written like a crow constructing its nest using commonplace objects found in its vicinity. The theme and characters are so simple and ordinary. It is this ordinariness and simplicity make these stories extra ordinary eloquent.  Humor in this book is a pointer to our own vanity and false pride, and often reveals more about us than we might realize ourselves.

 The essence of humor found in the narration is anticlimax: an abrupt change in point of view, in which trivial matters are suddenly elevated in importance above those that would normally be far more important.