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Five Ways to Attract Your Crush

Published by Asim1993 in Humor
November 25th, 2012

Are you having trouble attracting your crush? Well look no further as these five tips will help you.

Five Ways To Attract Your Crush

Everyone these days has the one person they have their eyes on, but how do you go about getting their attention and potentially getting a date with them? Well look no further as these five tips are here to help!

1: Initiate Conversation- How can you attract your crush when they possibly don’t even know who you are and you haven’t talked to them? It could be simple small talk or even talking to them during class; it can be about anything but the first conversation with them can start something special in the long run. Don’t be scared to do this because it’s better to take a risk and make things happen than wait for things to happen

2: Be Funny: - Easier said than done right? Well it is a well known fact that being funny is attractive so joke about more, tease your crush and make sure you also take yourself lightly! Being funny doesn’t have to be about saying anything funny it can also be about what actions you do, crack a few jokes because everyone loves to laugh!

3: Be confident! – Confidence is key! Make sure you don’t overstep the line and be arrogant you need to find the right balance, if you don’t believe in yourself and find yourself attractive how can others find you attractive? So you don’t think your confident? Who cares, Act like you’re confident! Eventually this will unconsciously change your mindset into believing you are confident

4: Dress Well: Even though society tells us not to judge by first impressions it is an unconscious human process to judge someone on first glance, so buy some new clothes that you feel comfortable in, hit the gym, and also be hygienic, if you look good you feel good and if you feel good you become confident!

5: Ask for that first date: Make sure it’s something casual for example a walk in the park or just a coffee something simple, I wouldn’t recommend a movie or dinner as that is better for the 3rd or 4th date, anything that gets you two spending more time together outside of school, college, work etc.  

Hope this all helps let me know by leaving a comment!

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