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Coca Cola Drinks Around the World

Published by desmonrock21 in Food
June 24th, 2008

Obey your thirst with these Coca-Cola soft drinks.

Coca Cola (Coke) is the most famous and biggest franchise selling soft drink in history, and as well as the best known product in the world. The Coca-Cola company began franchised bottling operations in the United States of America (USA). Now Coca Cola is well known in the world, You can find it anywhere in the world.

Coca-Cola Logo is the most well known logo in the world.

Here are the list of some new Coca Cola Products around the World.

Coca-Cola Coke

Coke is the most popular well known cola around the world, with a young spirit who are thirsty of getting the best from life. Coca-Cola is the experienced drink that quenches thirst and inspires the connection between the people who enjoy every single moment. Because only ice-cold Coca-Cola has the delicious taste that deeply refreshes the body, mind, and spirit.

Coca-Cola Light

Coca-Cola Light is a light beverage that allows to enjoy the authentic cola flavor without breaking your commitment of feeling well physical and emotionally, because only Coca-Cola Light combines the authentic cola flavor with zero calories. Good for body conscious to stay fit.


Sprite is the official drinks of NBA. Good For adolescents and young adults who are in process of establishing their own identity. Sprite is the only young drink that quenches your thirst and your wish of being authentic, because its honest and direct attitude is instinctively combined with its fresh and clear taste. Obey your thirst!


Recommended for extreme teenage have more energy consuming life. Fresca is the light drink that best refreshes you physical and emotionally for its refreshing grapefruit taste and its fun, daring, and open attitude.

Coke Cherry

Enjoy the extraordinary of cherry and coke mixed. For out outgoing teens who love to have fun with lots of friends, Coke Cherry combines the bold, exhilarating taste of cherry with Coca Cola to add life to the party.

Coke Blak

Enjoy the aroma of Coca cola and Coffee mixed. Coke Blak is a blend of Coke and coffee essence, in a sleek aluminum contour bottle by British design firm Pearl fisher. Aimed at adults, the bottle’s graphics lend a sophisticated look to a company famous for its iconic red cans.


Good For teenagers with passion to experiment life at its fullest, standing out from their group of friends. FANTA is the drink with fruit taste that amazes your senses and intensifies your everyday-funny-moments. Because only FANTA has the intense taste and sparkling colors that have a creative, fun, and spontaneous attitude.


Senzao made from Guarana, a fruit grows only in Brazil, A carbonated softdrinks with the spirit of Carnival and spirit of Brazilians. Good for youngsters who want to be themselves creating and showing their own style, Senzao is the light and the only drink with a Guarana taste that naturally un inhibits you filling up your body with energy and fortifying your spirit.


Good for adolescents who live life at its fullest, Beat is a cool drink that is part of the spontaneous and energetic intensity of the group, because its color, taste, caffeine and design combine its wish to live without limits.

Delaware Punch

Enjoy with Delaware Punch is the sweet that activates your imagination, creating an atmosphere of suspense and mystery because only Delaware Punch combine a deep color with an intense taste experience you cant forgot.


Coca cola Mineral water version. This product is for balanced, optimist, and complete people who search equilibrium in life, Ciel is the purified and fresh water that helps you feel good with yourself because its mineral balance, achieved by the Coca-Cola Company, gives you the physical and mental balance that your body needs.


Coca cola energy drink. This is for active young adults who always want to achieve more, Powerade is the sports drink that gives you the strength to perform better and the confidence to surpass your own limits, because it offers you the precise combination energy and hydration to maximize your body performance and it gives you a quick recovery. Good for Sport professionals that give extra energy long last.

Coke Zero

The newest soda advertised by Coca Cola company. Coke Zero has no sugar less calorie soda, good for body figure conscious, stay in good shape. No sugar recommended for diabetes patient.

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