Funny Poop Jokes

1) A Punjabi Sardar was sitting in Central New York Park and reading newspaper, a TV reporter saw the wonderful Sardar and call him for an interview.

TV reporter: what are you doing here?

Sardar: I am reading newspaper

Reporter: good, so what is your name?

Sardar: My name is Poop Singh

Reporter: Oh it’s a very disgusting and weird name, I cannot publish this interview on our channel with your name so kindly change you name.

Sardar: OK, no problem, ask my name again.

TV reporter: So Sardar Jee what is your Name?

Sardar: My name is Rose Singh Poop

2) Mr. Smith once go to a public toilet in Disney Land, when he come out from the toilet the attendant ask him 5 dollar for toilet bill.

Mr. Smith: I just did a shit there, not made a Cyber date with my Facebook girlfriend.

3) Some amazing types of poop:-

  • Classical poop: A poop type when you spend at least one hour in toilet with bizarre sounds.
  • Rascal poop: When you lost your sense with the smell of your own poop.
  • Hybrid poop: A multi colors poop.
  • Doctor poop: ?
  • Emergency poop: When you leave your classroom for poop without any permission.
  • Naughty poop: When you go for a poop but come out from toilet with constipation.
  • Confused poop: When you thinking about another poop during a poop.

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I apology my fans if they feel these jokes dirty or disgusting, its just a funny share so kindly don’t take it serious.

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