Gifts for Fans of Fat Men in The Woods, Dual Survival and Bear Grylls

Published by in Humor
23rd Dec 2016

Does your friend enjoy survival-oriented shows? Here’s some gifts for their birthday or just because.

BOOKS. Plenty of survival books at the local book store with details on how to survive on land or sea. Get them a book on edible wild plants of the area or how to deal with those difficult people stranded with you. Or how about one on edible insects? Look for a military survival handbook. In terms of fiction, there’s Robinson Crusoe and the most successful of the knock-offs that followed, Swiss Family Robinson, and a search may turn up others that relate, not just the lifeboat-types, of which there are many. A selection for your giftee might be just the thing for the winter months.

COOL BUDGET GIFT. If you are really strapped for cash, try this. Fill a backpack from the thrift shop with some trinkets, a flashlight, a $1 mylar space blanket, a few bags of soup mix, the cheapest first aid kit you can find….and a notebook filled with URL’s of online survival guides and references, including the address of one of the several sites where you can read the U.S. Army Survival Field Manual online.

SURVIVAL SHOW ON DVD. Go for the obvious, but always appreciated. Although the focus is on streaming video these days, there are past seasons of the various shows on DVD. (I have many seasons of Man vs Wild and Man, Woman, Wild, as well as Survivorman.) Be a hero. Buy your giftee a new copy of her favorite season or used copies of a couple of his favorite seasons. Available on Amazon, eBay, and elsewhere.

MOVIES/TV. No shortage of movies on DVD. There’ve been a number of movies about shipwrecks and surviving air crashes, notably Tom Hanks’ Castaway (did you notice how long it took him to get around to building a signal fire, losing a potential rescue from a passing ship?).

Castaway provides a surviving-a-shipwreck scenario that is arguably the most relevant movie you’ll find to Survivor. Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson, for example, features a leap from the initial castaway experience to completion of the treehouse, albeit a cool one. Naturally, there is TV’s Lost series on DVD. For fun, pick up the Robin Williams/Walter Matthau movie, The Survivalist, a comedy about a guy who goes overboard on survivalism when he has a run-in with an armed robber played by Jerry Reed.

VIDEO. There are several DVD videos out on wilderness survival tips. Check, eBay, Amazon, and so on, see what’s available. One video I have features a special segment on multiple ways to start a fire. Then there’s Les Stroud’s Survivorman first season on DVD available from his website. Bear Grylls has two episodes on DVD available on his website but apparently nothing else. Not yet, anyway.