Highschool of The Dead: Manga, Volume One

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18th Jun 2011

Story: Daisuke Sato

Art: Shouji Sato

Printed in North America by Yen Press

 Synopsis: Hey, have you ever watched a ? Yeah, just cut and paste that plot here, but place it at a Japanese High school. 


So, I was thinking that since this is a newer title over here, and the series is about to be released on DVD and Blu-ray by Section 23 Films, maybe I should write a review for my blog. The only thing is, there isn’t that much to write. The series is nothing new – at all. Extremely large-breasted highschool students, an even larger-breasted school nurse, and a light sprinkling of forgettable male students trying to escape a zombie virus is the entire plot so far. Standard seem to apply: 

  1. Bite from infected leads to infection.
  2. Once infected dies, he/she reanimates.
  3. Only way to kill a zombie is with a head-shot.
  4. Zombies possess an exaggerated strength.
  5. They are slow, lack any sense of speech or brain function.
  6. React to sound only, not to sight.

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The infection seems to be worldwide, and the lack of military aid seems suspicious, but nothing more than that yet. In the opening chapter we do get the corny and unconvincing scene involving the childhood friend killing off his friend’s zombie-bitten boyfriend as per said boyfriend’s dying wish. What was supposed to be a heart-wrenching scene came across as pretty bland and run-of-the-mill. This story is cliché, to the point where the last panel of volume 1 is of aforementioned male childhood friend is riding a newly “acquired” motorcycle with large-breasted female friend holding on, riding on the back.

The artwork is a combination of gross and busy that works considering the material. The overly filled panels bring across the sense of suffocation, urgency and pressure felt by all involved. The characters themselves are what one would expect in such a genre. As previously stated, the female characters are all sporting a minimum E-cup chest, and the guys are nothing special. It was nice to see a chubby guy included, and not being a hindrance to the group that amasses to escape.

With all that said, I am enjoying this series immensely. My reasoning? Simply put, because it is a story about extremely large-breasted high school students, an even larger-breasted school nurse and a few guys trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. Sometimes the same old story is refreshing. It also allows for less thinking; there’s no underlying plot or complicated reasoning to figure out. It’s just a bunch of “people” eating other people and hot chicks trying to survive. It may become more involved as the series progresses, but for now I’m enjoying the easy ride as a passenger with the top down and my hair blowing in the breeze, taking it easy.

All in all, if you are a fan of the staple George A. Romero works and the films, then you will like this series for a light read. If you don’t like female objectification, or watching people getting eaten in detail, then maybe you should give it a pass.

  • Socorro Lawas