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How to Run Away From The Police [Educative Post]

Published by p4duke in Humor
October 14th, 2010

Tips and tricks on running away from the police, which can help. I am NOT responsible for your actions, nor I advice using this as a guide.

Disclaimer: I don’t advise you to do this, unless you know what you’re doing is illegal and you are fully aware of the possible consequences. I do not advise you to break the law. Or running from cops, which is itself breaking the law. This is just an educative post. Do not use it. I am NOT responsible for your actions.

Be prepared for a block of text.

So, to start a guide to escape from the police, you would need to do something illegal. Alright so we’ve got that cleared up, you will need to have the cops chase you, this should be easy. When the cops have started chasing you, you will need an escape route, every time you plan on doing something that might led to you being chased by the police, you should always look for easy ways to escape, if cops would come from certain directions before you step to action, be it stealing, graffiti or whatever. Having this knowledge of where you want to go is essential to your escape, it saves precious seconds and can determine your destiny. Once you have an escape route, always expect the unexpected. I cannot stress that enough, police have gotten crafty. Once, I was almost snaked out while painting by some clever policeman that dressed up as graffiti artisits, trust me, it happens. This might not apply for most people, you might just be walking down the street and you hear sirens flash and cops start running after you, that is when you must immediatly run – do not think, do not stop, do not yell – you run and you concentrate on nothing else. A cop’s uniform is not as easy to run in than sweat pants and a sweater, which gives you an advantage. Here is a key point, the most valuable you have. HIDE. More than 75% of the time hiding pays off. When you are running away from the police, do the unexpected. Make quick movements and always try to break the line of sight between you and the police officer. Once you have broken the line of sight, this is your chance. If you are doing illegal shit, wear dark colours. Once your line of sight has been broken, get into the nearest hiding place. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ELLABORATE. I have hid behind bushes, you do not need to get into garbage cans/undercars, I have been chased and hid behind a tree, the police ran right past me. This is no joke, you might not think it to be effective, but when the police are chasing you they have one thought and one thought only – To catch up to you. They are not paying attention to their surroundings. Hiding is your best tactic, as the police would neverthink of you to do it. The most insane  places I’ve hidden were behind a tree, behind a car, on top of a bus, behind a bush, inbetween two houses, behind recycling bins on garbage day, and on somebodies roof.  Once you manage to get a hiding spot, be as quiet as possible, and try to see them, but do NOT let them see you. When I was caught red handed painting a city street, I ran into a park and hid under a picnic table, the police stopped running as they thought I was gone and walked right past me. If I had made any noise, I would have been caught. When they are as far off as you think is safe, leave your hiding spot. Do not go the way you came. If you cannot break your line of sight with the police officer, than your only chance is to trick him or outrun him. Outrunning him may not be as easy as you think, but practice will pay off. Learn to parkour, I know this sounds hard but it isn’t, I learned how to do simple vaults (to get over small fences VERY quick), wall climbs (get over a fence very easily), and rolls (drop down from 15 feet+ ledges with avoiding injury). If you seem to be out of shape, or if you lack the upper body strength, than your only option is to hide or outsmart him. I have outsmarted police officers in one way that I call sheer brilliance, when I was being chased downtown down an empty street. I turned a corner and quickly turned around and pretended somebody ran past me, the security ran right past me without noticing. If THAT is too risky for you, I suggest you forget about it. Now remember, cops are brutal. If you have never been in trouble with the law, they are not the same as watching CSI and Cops. They will beat you, they will hurt you, I K’ they will taze you, and they will pepperspray you, for doing nothing. THAT IS WHY YOU MUST RUN.

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