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How to Tell If Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend is a Vampire

Published by jjwash in Humor
October 18th, 2009

Ever wanted to kno if your loved one is a vampire, here is a guide to help you with that delema!

If you’ve opened this article then you are already pretty sure your loved one is a vampire but this guide will let you know 100% if they are.

Your lover hates garlic

yes garlic, its one of the vampires weaknesses. If you can, take her/him out to dinner and order some garlic bread be sure to make him/her eat it, if she refuses and is final about it than your one step closer to seeing if shes a vampire.

She/he’s always out at night

If you have already noticed that your loved one is out all night you probably have already had thoughts of him/her being a vampire and want to investigate, there are 3 steps to investigating this.   

  •  They don’t take the car/everyone knows that vampires have super human strength and speed so they don’t have a need for one.      
  •  They do take the car but only park it a block away.     
  •  They come home one night with blood dripping from there fangs.

They refuse to go out in the day time

This is the final step and you will undeniably know weather or not they are or are not a vampire. If they don’t go out into the sunlight and absolutely hate sunny days then go into there room when they are sleeping, open the blinds revealing them to sunlight and if they burst into flames then they ARE a vampire.

If though, they do not and you wake them up, you should probobly run because ware wolves hate being woken up when sleeping.

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