Laughing Chicken: Happily Ever Laughter

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24th Mar 2011

Have you ever heard Laughing Chicken? Laughing Chicken is not a joke. It can really laugh but experts don not know at what this kind of chicken laugh.

People call it Ayam Ketawa or Laughing Chicken because its crowing sound is like laugh.

Laughing Chicken originated from Sidrap, South Celebes, Indonesia. In Sidrap, people call it Ayam Gaga. Physically, this kind of chicken is like ordinary chicken. The specialty of this kind of chicken is its laugh-like crowing but sometimes, its sound is like small turtledove.

This picture is from New in History.

Long years ago, Buginese nobleman adopted it as a favorite pet in Buginese palace. People love laughing chicken because of its sound, instead of its meat and egg. Laughing Chicken became symbol of social status for royal family. This fact made Laughing Chicken rare because ordinary people were unwilling to adopt Laughing Chicken.

However, nowadays, many people in Indonesia love to raise Laughing Chickens.

To raise Laughing Chicken is not difficult. You can give it corns, paddy, mince of mustard green, and vitamin to keep it healthy. It is necessary to train Laughing Chicken to be brave to crow in front of another chicken. You need to clean its regularly. Just like you, Laughing Chicken needs refreshing and recreation. If a laughing chicken is always in coop, they may get stress. You must let laughing chicken free on the ground or grass for a while under the sun in the morning. To breed this kind of chicken, the and must come from laughing chicken breed.

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If you do not like to laugh, this type of chicken will.