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10 Signs That You are a Sore Loser

Published by Steven West in Life
March 21st, 2009

10 humorous signs that you really don’t like to lose at something.

Some people are sore losers. They simply can’t stand to play a game or participate in an event in which they might lose. Here are ten signs of a sore loser:

1.   The sore loser pounds the table after a game. He makes up excuses for not winning.

2.   The sore loser insists on playing another game. This could go on for hours until he actually wins a game.

3.   The sore loser will say that you are cheating. She’ll offer no proof. She’ll just insist that you are a cheater.

4.   The sore loser will yell and scream. Eventually, the sore loser will pout. He’ll never admit that he was wrong.

5.   The sore loser will rip up some playing cards. She’ll say that she hates this game. She’ll claim that you had an unfair advantage.

6.   The sore loser will never shake the victor’s hand. He’d rather spit in the winner’s  hand. He is very angry about the world.

7.  The sore loser announces rule changes that will benefit him in any future game. The sore loser will say that all the judgments were stacked against him.

8.   The sore loser will make sarcastic comments about the winner.

9.   The sore loser will compensate for her anger by eating lots of junk food.

10. The sore loser will deflect his anger and pounce on anyone within distance of him.

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