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Five Best Excuses If You Forget Someone’s Birthday

Published by Geeks in Life
December 20th, 2007

Keep forgetting birthdays; you’re not the only one out there. Keeping up with birthdays isn’t easy for all of us in this hectic working world. Perhaps you’re just too busy or preoccupied but that doesn’t mean you’re not concern about your love ones.

A recent internet poll came up with these best excuses if you forget someone’s birthday.

  1. You never seem to get old. That’s why I didn’t spot any difference in you.

    Getting old isn’t something everyone wishes for; what’s more when it comes to looking old. Perhaps this doesn’t work well with kids as they grow up too quick. The contrast is between being either old or young. Everyone loves being praise for looking young. Perhaps beauty still lies in the eye of the beholder.

  2. Birthdays are for kids

    Is it true that birthdays are for everyone; maybe not anymore. A recent research shows that as people get older, they do not really take particular of their birthdays; some might forget about it. The reality is birthdays are just for kids. Stick to it or live with it although you still like celebrating your own birthday.

  3. Only negative people celebrate birthdays

    Negative people celebrate birthdays because they aspect something from other people. Perhaps it could be just an ordinary birthday card or a gift. They are more demanding. The reason why you’re not celebrating is because you don’t want to foster this attitude. That’s just a statement to defend yourself.

  4. We had just celebrated when I met you in person

    Celebrating someone’s birthday when you just meet is all about having a good eye contact with them. Add a laugh behind this joke.

  5. I thought you didn’t want people to make a big issue of it

    Making a big issue about a birthday will probably just upset someone. Isn’t it another ordinary day. Some might feel embarrassed about it if you wish someone happy birthday in public. People celebrate birthdays around the world everyday. Imagine what the world will look like if there is a birthday party every minute.

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  1. forgotten again
    Posted March 8, 2010 at 1:44 am

    What a crock. It only means that the person who forgets is totally self-involved and doesn’t give a rat’s posterior about the person celebrating their birthday. With all the computer technology available today it is not hard to remember or be reminded. The excuses you list here are lame and no one will believe them, so why bother?

    So shallow!!!

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