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How to Become a Superhuman: Physically, Mentally and Psychically, Part Two

Published by Todd Daigneault in Life
November 21st, 2009

Part two of a guide to developing mind-blowing physical, mental and psychic abilities. This part deals with developing explosive growth in your psychic abilities.

After you have started clearing away the psychic garbage that inhibits your ability to fully realize these potential superhuman abilities of you,  you’ll start to bring out incredible capabilities that were long since hindered, with or without an “S” festooned to your chest.  There is still preparation and training that you have to go through in order to be able to bring out incredible capabilities of strength and mind. But a first big step is clearing away the negative programming to being able to fully realize these capabilities that many of us have in us, just brimming at the surface.

Along the way the mental negativity has to be removed.  A great way to accelerate that is to use some of the on line subliminal suggestion programs—many of which are free.  Inputting suggestions like “I have incredibly strong and enhanced psychic abilities”  comes to mind.  These are the more easier superhuman powers to develop. Ironically enough, they can be more atrophied and weaker than regular muscles, but still give deep psychic hunches and flashes from the little bit that is used..  Imagine if they were torqued up to superhuman levels! Starting with on line subliminal visual and audio programs—plus whatever you can find or buy—that greatly enhances and boosts psychic abilities go a long way towards developing super psychic powers.

We’ll make this our first step towards becoming superhuman, greatly developing psychic abilities. This author used many subliminal/self-hypnosis psychic abilities enhancing programs to re-write the self-defeating negativity conditioning loop that we are all subjected to, in varying degrees. Starting with the old audio tape subliminal/self-hypnosis programs, I soon found myself out of my body seeing sights in the hallway and living room that had changed since I had entered an altered state of consciousness. In other words, I could not be aware of changes in my environment, technically asleep and in the prone position in my bedroom.

These programs went a long way towards opening up more dormant centers of my human brain, to being more psychic.  Instead of using more limited, but still very powerful areas of the human brain, I opened up more of the brain. In the process, enhancing and greatly bolstering my psychic abilities, by defeating the more negative conditioning loops that were evolutionary roadblocks in the way of my growth at all levels: physical, mental and psychic.  I didn’t just use all subliminal and self-hypnotic programming to greatly bolster these abilities, I practised.

Without practise, these abilities may remain stagnant and still obscured from your mindset.  On the road to becoming a superhuman, one must practise these powers. By doing so, you develop and strengthen them. In the psychic/paranormal world, it can be easily done. But be careful: there are negative energies, evil forces and dimensional realities out there.  So you don’t have to necessarily chant, sing or otherwise make communicative attempts to these other realities to get power.  There is much evil out there, so the superhuman disciple must be careful as he/she do their daily rituals to strengthen these powers.

To bring it up to superhuman levels, you can do simple things such as foretelling the future: reading plain playing cards, tarot cards, crystal ball, water or mirror divination.  These simple, yet very ancient and revered tools require no outside energies to manipulate the energies through the time-space continuum.  Your latent psychic abilities already know the future and pick the right cards, or cast the right images of the future through the water, mirror or crystal ball. Doing this everyday helps to greatly develop, bolster and enhance your psychic powers—plus helping with the development of your other mental abilities.

Over time, through the subliminal and self-hypnotic programming and intense practise, you’ll start to become incredibly aware of the innate psychic abilities within us all. Except yours will be far more developed, as you continue to travel that road to becoming a superhuman!

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