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Now Then, Now Then: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sir Jimmy Savile

Published by Alistair Briggs in Life
October 29th, 2011

Sir Jimmy Savile sadly passed away on the 29th of October 2011. Here we will look at 10 things you didn’t know about Sir Jimmy Savile.

Jimmy Savile, born on October 31st 1926, sadly passed away on the 29th of October 2011 (just 2 days shy of his 85th birthday). The legendary showman and television presenter will be sadly missed by many. Here we will look at 10 things you didn’t know about the legend that was Sir Jimmy Savile.

1. Jimmy Savile invented the disco!

Yep, as strange as that may sound, it was Jimmy Savile that invented the disco. I’m sure we have all at one point in our life’s been to a disco and we really have to thank Jimmy Savile for that because at the age of 18 Jimmy Savile became the first person to organise an event for people to dance to records (rather than live bands). He charged a shilling for entrance to this first ever disco and the rest, as they say, is history.

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2. Jimmy Savile was the the first presenter of Top Of The Pops!

New Year’s Day 1964 saw the launch of Top Of The Pops, BBC’s attempt at a music chart television programme, and Jimmy Savile was the host. The weekly show continued until 2006 and a Christmas special is still run every year. Apart from hosting Top Of The Pops, Jimmy Savile was also the host of Pop Goes The Sixties, a programme made by the BBC shown on 31st December 1969 which looked back at the music of the swinging 60’s – a decade of music that Jimmy Savile helped oversee.

3. Jimmy Savile appeared on This Is Your Life twice!

The UK version of This Is Your Life first hit the airwaves in 1955 and was last seen in 2007. In between times many celebrities have featured on the show. Jimmy Savile managed to feature on the programme twice because the production team were not aware that he had already appeared on the show previously!

4. Jimmy Savile died in 1994!

Well, comedian Chris Morris read out a broadcast on BBC Radio 1 in 1994 that stated that Jimmy Savile had died and subsequently read out an obituary. The hoax was soon spotted an Chris Morris had to offer a grovelling apology after Jimmy Savile threatened legal action.

5. Jimmy Savile was quite the sportsman!

Although Jimmy Savile will be best remembered for his television work, his sporting talents should not be forgotten. He is said to have ran 212 marathons, participated in over 300 bike runs and even had 107 professional fights. In 1951 Jimmy Savile entered the Tour Of Britain Cycle Race – which he didn’t win.  Jimmy Savile also holds the record for the fastest time to run up the BT Tower in London.

6. Jimmy Savile has raised a fortune for charities.

In 40 years of raising money for charities, Jimmy Savile has used his fame to raise over £40 million. 

7. You can dress as Jimmy Savile for Halloween.

In 2009 Jimmy Savile put his name to a licenced Halloween costume of himself. Don’t believe me? Here it is:

8. Jimmy Savile once fixed it for a girl to become a gerbil!

What else can you say to that!

9. Jimmy Savile broke the smoking ban sort of!

In 2008 Jimmy Savile, famed for smoking cigars, boasted of having smoked a cigar in a shop, after the smoking ban had been introduced in the UK banning such shenanigans. However, he wasn’t doing anything illegal, instead, Jimmy Savile was just using a ‘loophole’ in the law that allowed the lighting up of cigars in a cigar shop.

10. Jimmy Savile was actually the person Stan was writing to in the Eminem song!

Well, not really, but the Alistair McGowan spoof of the Eminem song Stan is awesome.

R.I.P Sir Jimmy Savile

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