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When She Bent Over Wearing a Mini-skirt

Published by cutekitty in Life
March 18th, 2009

A man is getting married.

A man is about to get married, everything is going well except for one thing. Whenever he visits his fiance’s house, her sister likes to wear tight shirts and mini skirts. That’s not the only thing, she purposely bents over in front of him. One day, the fiance’s sister called him and asked him to come ever and fix one of the pipes for the family. So he went. When he got there, he found no one in the house except for the sister. The sister walks up to him and says:” Look, I have been thinking about you for a long time and I realized I’m falling in love with you. So, before you get married, I want to have a chance to lose it to you.” The man was stunned, he just stood there with sweat running down his back. The sister said:” Well, I’m heading to my room now, if you decide to come with me to bed, just come upstairs. I will be waiting.” The man still just stood there. He thought: What do I do now? She’s hot, but I can’t betray my fiance!

All of the sudden, he runs out the door to his car. He sees his fiance’s whole family hiding behind his car. The father came up to him and gave him a pat on the back and says:” You’ve passed the test son!” The man just stood there speechless. One month later, he got married with his fiance.

This story tells us to LEAVE THE CONDOM IN THE CAR.

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