Why Nobody Likes You

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23rd Jun 2009

Well If your reading this you’re thinking about some one who is in this position or you yourself are in this position and if you are in that place of lonerville then you’re reading the right article!

Lesson one

What do you do when entering groups of people? Do you.

Entering a group

A. Walk in pushing your way through the shoulders of people because they are in a circle and say “Hey did you see Megan fox’s rack in the new transformers!”

B. Say hi and listen in on the conversation to find out what they’re talking about then stay completely silent in the fear of rejection.

C. Casually walk in and don’t interrupt people as they are having a conversation, comment on Megan fox’s rack if that is what they’re talking about and have a nice and polite laugh with them.

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Well all these answers are correct and incorrect it really depends on the group you are dealing with. The 3 step plan to all group acceptance is.

The Group Worker

1. Enter group carefully making sure not to annoy anyone as being pushed around is annoying and no one likes a pusher.

2. Listen in on conversation and do not I repeat DO NOT interrupt people it’s really annoying, then comment on the conversation and only laugh when they laugh.

3. Leave before you’ve over stayed your welcome. If no one likes you, you may as well not stay too long as they will just get annoyed with your presence.

Now that you have the 3 steps to what I call the group worker because of how you can socialize with all the groups without them all disliking you. We will now go over when to laugh, comment and how to go about them.

Tips to laughing and commenting

Now no one likes an annoying laugh-er so you should always keeps your laughs at about mid range and at appropriate times. If in a group of girls and one of the other guys makes a sexist joke towards girls, don’t laugh. Giggle in your mind. But if the number of guys outweighs the girls feel free to laugh but as i said before not too loud and only if others are laughing too. Never ever crack a sexist joke or any personal joke towards any person in the group as the group you are hanging with is just relatively getting to know your not annoying side so don’t try to be funny by cracking jokes and laughing at wrong times. Play it cool and casually socialize. Now, when to comment. Commenting is a vital part of group socializing. This is because comments lead into other topic starters and more commenting and it goes in a big circle so if you don’t join in on the commenting you’ll get left behind and no one will want to talk to you. So comment in appropriate times and just like the joke making don’t make the comments personal or in any way possible of hurting anyone because the group may randomly eject you. Trust me I’ve seen it happen (Sorry Andrew).

Where to sit at lunch

Ok so you’ve made a few friends in the groups you go to and now it’s time to choose which ones you like best and want to sit with at lunch time. Of course you don’t want to sit with the kids that make fun of you and are constantly bad mouthing you just because they’re cool. You want to sit with the people you actually like because this whole article wasn’t written for you to become cool it was so you can make some friends and people will like you. Don’t go and sit with the cool people unless they are actually your friends and you enjoy their company and they enjoy yours. So for places to sit at lunch, sit with your friends.

I hope this has helped a bit. This is only the tip of the iceberg for socializing and is really common sense. Go out there and make some friends! If you already have friends good job and think about that guy you don’t like and why you don’t like him instead of ejecting him from the group next time.


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hope I helped or at least made you laugh :)

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