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Maria Ozawa (Miyabi) Do Not Like Caucasians

Published by forexmaster in Humor
October 21st, 2011

Maria Ozawa is a new phenomenon in the world of adult film industry in Asia after the end of an era Carera Asia in the late ’90s because of AIDS. The young girl aged 21 years with an instant get rich while still living in the apartment he rented for 16 million rupiah per month.

With a lease that expensive then what salary he earns a month? Do not be surprised if Miyabi with a profession that they do at this time can wash 8000 USD dollars per month (about 75 million rupiah). Stay in a luxury apartment that looks more like a mansion complete with all furnishings versatile wah, he preferred to live alone after being driven from home and shunned his friends.

Initially Miyabi lives with her parents just fine, until one when his parents saw Miyabi appeared naked in a Japanese pornographic magazines. Instantly it was exploded by the wrath of her parents who still see a small Miyabi innocent teens doing things that do not deserve his age.

Nevertheless Miyabi still run his profession, than just nude photos continue to film. Miyabi mess back when carrying 20 pornographic films he was starring into the house and he showed to his parents. Since then her parents did not want to see and acknowledge it as a child again.

Even close friends who once familiar to him one by one began to leave. They allergy in stamp friends with a porn star … really sad … But as a young woman who had great ambition, the situation is not made broken charcoal to continue his profession for the money … he will survive and be consistent!

Solitary life makes him a good cook. How can people like him do not always avoid buying food in public places if you do not want fans invaded or insulted nosy people to his profession … In addition to love cooking, Miyabi is also most like watching pornographic films that he starred himself. All existing video collection on her TV cabinet is a pornographic film. As a top porn star he also needs to learn many important positions of the stars of other porn movies.

Despite many offers to flow to move out of Japan (the U.S. and Europe) and play with Caucasian men, Miyabi still refused, and still choose to live in Japan and chose to play the couple of local men. The reason is quite reasonable as well. According to “furniture” Japanese men are smaller and durable in doing exciting scene than Caucasian men who he said have “furniture” bigger and painful.

Often in doing a scene in some movie, Miyabi seems to cry and it really looks natural. Why he was not enjoying and really sick. Miyabi also threatened to pull from the AV (porn PH) if he is forced to do a scene or a position that he did not like. Even before her boyfriends (4 people – before it’s diputusin) while being with him and want to watch movies that he starred, Miyabi always never allow it.

But as famous as any and as much as any money she made from her work today, the figure Miyabi is also a normal human being who also missed a parent, friend, friends and his desire to marry as many women. If this time she had sex for the business one day he misses there are men who want to marry her.

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  1. Artemis
    Posted June 11, 2012 at 1:25 am

    Really? Her father’s a white Canadian and she even stated in an interview on Youtube (look up Maria Ozawa first english interview) that she thinks British men are cute and some American men are sexy (Sorry Aussies, she thinks you’re cheesy) and in a more recent interview on Thai tv (also on Youtube) said that Japanese men are not her type and are unromantic.

    She probably stated that she prefers J-men to work with.

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