Miley to Madness

Published by in Humor
1st Sep 2013

From  teen sensation Being independent is always a good thing. I teach my children to be independent every-day. Growing up in a big family you want to show just how independent you can be. What started out as a naturally talented girl Miley Cyrus portraying a cor-key fun loving girl in the hit T.v Show Hannah Montana  turned to an atrocious set of events that will probably lead to the end of her short loved career. Her uncountable talent for singing has risen ticket sales, but her unfortunate need to change her appearance and her fan base may leave her fans a little confused and unwilling to fold the cards to change. I want nothing more then to show my girls that she has every right to stick her tongue out and hobble on stage dancing like she forgot to tie her shoes and was avoiding the lace trip to please the audience as she did at the vma’s. But on that simple note I cant help but to wonder what was going through this poor child’s head to present herself the way she has. In retrospect I hope she can laugh in the future at her dangerous attempts at adulthood and say this just once to herself. We were all young once!to teen joke we welcome Miley Cyrus to the hall of shame.