Monkey and Me

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7th Feb 2013

Don’t you just love animals ? animals walk around not caring what anyone else is doing they just worry about food ,food and more food .They’re not like us …humans I mean they don’t have to make money to buy new clothes they just find their own way about .I would prefer to be an animal but all the walking and jumping it is quite a lot to do .My mum hates animals so does my dad and all my family except me .When I grow up I want to be a vet or something to do with animals I don’t want to be stuck in an office all day .My mum works in an office sometimes I go with her to her work but I stopped going because it’s so boring .
       Today mum is going to her boring work so I’m staying in the house .The only thing is dad is going to his work  he works as an electrician and I’m going to be alone .When I think about it this is going to be amazing I can do whatever I want ,I can eat as much as I like ,I can go wherever I want …well  until they come back .I’ve never been left alone it’s about time because I’m eleven I’m not a baby .Mum and dad sound fine with me being left alone in the house myself .My sister Emily stayed in the house herself when she was little so I don’t see why I shouldn’t .My sister is now staying in her own apartment so she’s not a baby either .

      ‘Wonder what I could do while mum and dad are away ? ‘ I was thinking to myself 
‘I haven’t been to the new shopping centre before maybe I could go there or I could go to the new zoo round the corner that looks good ‘
So I was sitting deciding where to go in my head then I decided to go to the park it’s not any park it has lots of wild animals if you walk further on .I went once it’s great I would say it’s a park but it’s not it doesn’t have enclosure round the animals that’s what makes it even better .Now I was just waiting on mum and dad to hurry up and go so I could go and see the animals .                 Finally mum and dad left and I was waiting until it as clear to go .Then when they gone round to the gigantic bridge it was my chance to go so I did .It took ages to get there but I did I don’t know how many bridges and traffic lights I crossed but I got there finally .I was walking round the park when I seen a monkey sitting watching every step I took .Suddenly the monkey started making strange noises so I went closer to this amazing creature .I looked closely at the monkey it looked as if it had a broken foot from where I was standing .The monkey wasn’t bothered with me so I went a little closer .Now I was so close that I could see if it hurt its foot .Now I didn’t know what to do then I thought of the visit we had in our school it was from the RSPCA they told us if you find an animal call us on a number .Luckliy I know that number that’s how much I love animals .So I dialled the number and I said what I had found and where I am so they know where to come .

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        As a few hours went by there was no sign of the RSPCA or any vets so I decided to stay with the monkey and phone mum and dad to tell them that I’m going to my friends house and ill be back a little later .Mum  and dad said that was fine  they were going to earn some more money by staying at work a little longer .Then when I thought about it I have totally  forgot how to get back to my house before mum and dad get back what am I going to do …

  • Smokey Hardwick

    Very good !