Movie 43 in Online Streaming

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6th Feb 2013

Title:  Movie 43

Released: January 01, 2013

Genres: Comedy

Countries: USA

Director: Elizabeth Banks

Actors: Aasif Mandvi Adam Cagley Anna Faris Beth Littleford Bobby Cannavale Chris Pratt Christopher Kirby Christopher Mintz-Plasse Elizabeth Banks Emma Stone Gerard Butler Halle Berry Hash Patel Hugh Jackman Jack McBrayer Jason Sudeikis Jimmy Bennett Johnny Knoxville Josh Duhamel Julie Ann Emery Julie Claire Justin Long Kate Bosworth Kate Winslet Kieran Culkin Kristen Bell Leslie Bibb Liev Schreiber Maria Arce Martin Klebba Matt Walsh Naomi Watts Patrick Warburton Richard Gere Ricki Noel Lander Sayed Badreya Seann William Scott Stephen Merchant Terrence Howard Tony Shalhoub Uma Thurman

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I NEVER would have imagine this movie being this bad!How the hell did so many stars say yes to this?I’m absolutely baffled.You know what’s worse than wasting 2 hours?It’s when you were really looking forward to that movie and it was complete garbage. whoops this one took forever to go through.

Some parts had me in stitches, but others were just painful. not sure if I’d watch it again. The first scene with kate w and hugh j really cheered me up after a crappy day at work though.

They made this seem alot funnier from the trailers. But if you’ve seen the redband trailer and the green band trailer, you pretty much got all the funny jokes out of it. Still so-so funny but didn’t have me in stitches. I’m easily tickled and amused, sad to say it only got a giggle from me. A lot shorter than I thought it was gonna be.