“Oh Hell No!!!”

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23rd Sep 2010

It would appear this attractive young lady had just a wee bit too much to drink!

That, or she suffers the same widdling problem that many a puppy does when overly excited or nervous.  But God Bless her attempts to somehow hold in the contents of her overladen bladder with her hand.  She knows something is terribly amiss here, and yet, perhaps fearing she would miss out on the festivities surrounding her, she refuses to make a dash for the bathroom.  No, she’s got it all under control, no worries, no worries…Oh Hell No!!!!

Fear not young lady – your party foul has not gone unnoticed, giving you much deserved recognition as this week’s Oh Hell No!!! moment.

Party on…

  • margaridab


  • anon.

    I laughed til i threw up. Wow!

  • Eldridge

    I think it has to do with higher spleen that results in the organ failure temporary. However, the positive side is that she grew up to be a fine lady of brewery that deinfect out of Dublin in river climbing down from Greenland to catch the Eire Motherland of America.

  • Sunjhini

    really Oh hell no post

  • Jessica Kelly

    Love it! Love it! Love it! Your awesome.

  • Jessica Kelly

    Love it! Love it! Love it! Your awesome. Great article.

  • Netty net

    oh wow,

  • JB Blend

    .lol..poor woman!

  • EricPinola

    next is the hell no poop!


  • ashan1614

    Maybe if she’s going to refuse to goto the bathroom, she should invest in some of the products widely available for those with bladder control issues. LMAO! :D

  • L R Humphries

    That is funny my friend, I would say we’ve all being there but I may be speaking form myself I think ;-)


  • Anggun2010

    Pretty woman…hehehe..

  • Soulrez


  • LewSethics

    This is pitiful.