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Old and Restless!

Published by Fran DeLauraSmith in Humor
September 17th, 2012

Usefull not useless!
Bored feeling!

LOL wish I could say young and restless, but it is what it is!!  Feeling big time like help me, I need something new mood!  Makes for a ruff day when you feel like that!  Good thing is it is almost 11:00 and soon I could eat my lunch and fill my face with my chili and cheese, protein at its finniest!

It is quite today, which makes for a long day, I need phones ringing off of the  hooks, people coming in non stop and just plain old excitement in my bones! Hate feeling this way, and I know it will pass, but getting really tire of it in the long scheme of things.  I think the feeling really is I want to feel use-full not useless, does that make sense to you!  The truth that not for a minute do I feel old at all, and I am loving the age I am and would love to have new challanges which I am up for big time! Confusion, is always a big part of me and who I am, I pretty much invented the word, lol.  Yikessss, less confusion more doing will help big time!  Well I guess, its part of life, at least my life it is!

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  1. Posted September 17, 2012 at 8:46 pm

    Good work thank you for sharing.

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