Out of My Head

Too much thinking, time wasting thinking about the never can haves and the ones who made me cry rivers and told me to sail my own god damned boat down them.

The way I see you quite simply is; you are the one I longed to breath, the one I dreamed about and no no no, not In the flaky girl obsessed, not it the way you would expect…  My being continues to exist even without you in a sense…
How did it ever get to this? I question you as I ridicule me.  I always think this time, this time again is the time.  I always second guess, as I wait for the rest to come.  It’s never anything I did and I’m not implying it was you.  Just try to understand, you swore this time would be different well now didnt you?  I did not make it up nor did I imagine things in my head.  You did kind of leave me there but no my friend you just never despair… I long for a day you’ll say this time it will be more than ok. But hey I’ve got my life here anyway in case you saw things another way.  No worries no worries no sadness no thing but this mash of shit spewed all over because you still remain as you always did insides me now instilled in my head.

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