Picture Pandemonium: Episode One

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13th Feb 2010

Hello people of the world!

This is my first episode of what I like to call picture pandemonium. I take pictures I find on the internet and give them a little annotation and such just to make the pictures a little bit better. For my first episode I have been to the massive imageboard 4chan. And amongst the porn packed archives I have found a few pictures I think define my 1st episode. For all those guys out there who are now excited about the fact that I’ve been burrowing through copious amounts of dirty pictures to share some with you, are going to be sadly dissapointed. This is going to be plain safe lol’s none of that rude stuff. I’m not one to look down on the average porn watcher though. Go to 4chan and when your friend/girlfriend/mum 0.o walks in and sees you perving on all the casual nsfw images you can use the great excuse. “It’s the random board at 4chan!, I’m not a perv!”.

Anyways enough of the sidetracking, to our first exhibit I have a picture of a girl with a slightly… well red hand. Only god will know what is actually on it and why she is showing the world.

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Now a few questions arise from this picture.

– Is your hand glued to your forehead?
– What the hell is on your arm?
– Are you an emo?
– Did you just have a bad painting accident?

Now we can never really know if shes just a lame old emo chick looking for attention by drenching her hand in ketchup then glueing her hand to her forehead or if she is a painter/photographer that is 15 years old and still likes taking those horrible self shots we see on facebook all the time.

For my next picture I’d just like to say. We already knew his sexual orientation before we saw this picture.

Now you can obviously tell that toby here is insinuating towards his true homo erotic nature.
No but honestly this look did crack me up, it kinda says to you “I wear ladies underwear…”
or “I watch you while you sleep…” or even “If I was black…”. No toby may not be gay but damn this look does no good for him and his heterosexuality.

Now finally we have a picture so cute it nearly makes you sick. In fact the flipside of this picture is that he is probably sick :P

It may be true he is homeless but he is in no short of supplies. He has nuts… and a dog… which he is probably feeding up so he can eat later… no that can’t be right he doesn’t look very chinese. hmmm low blow, no i kid the chinese people I don’t think you eat dogs, sadly society does think you do though. I do however know that japan is using new zealands whales for food.

Asian point score table

China 1
Japan 0

Amidst the slight amount of racistness I managed to pull from this last picture I would just like to say that none of it was really my fault I blame it more on subway and macdonalds. If u observe closely, macdonalds and subway cups litter around his homeless feet, so i deduce that this is just an advertising campaign by subway and macdonalds using the technique of empathy to make you eat more junk food. You know…

Homeless people are hungry —> Now I’m hungry —> This homeless guy has been eating subway —> He can’t be too hungry —> Subway Is good… —> I’ma go get subway —> See a homeless person.

And the chain lives on!

Now before I leave after my semi racist rant, I’d just like to say that isn’t it a bit funny that homeless people spell like cats? I can haz home now?

Thanks for reading, Sorry for the semi racistness, I’m caucasian, leave me a racist comment along with what you thought of this and stick around because I plan to do more of these things.
Catchya round this has been Sam From NZ

4Chan is dirty…

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