Propane Grills vs. Charcoal Grills

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23rd Nov 2015

The main advantages of a propane grill are:

    Propane grill is easier to light

    Propane grill gets hot quicker.

    Propane grill may cool quicker, depending on how quick unburnt charcoal or ash is emptied from the charcoal grill

    Propane grill has no ash or hot coals to dispose of, if in hurry to relocate the propane grill

    Propane grills make it easier to control the temperature

The main advantages of a charcoal grill are:

    Charcoal grills can generate higher temperature

    Charcoal grills make it easier to add wood chips or wood chunks for smoking the food, as no smoke box is needed

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    Charcoal grills may be easier to clean as the grills may be removed, leaving the space below more accessible with no burners to worry about

    Charcoal grills may add more flavor to the food, depending upon the type of charcoal used, and/or the type of wood chips or wood chunks used

If a person is looking for a grill to cook items such as wieners, meat patties, steaks, chops, or smaller pieces of chicken in time for dinner after a long day at work, the propane grill will probably meet your needs better.  You can light it, and let it heat up while you prepare the items you wish to cook.  You can use the propane grill to cook larger pieces of meat by using only one or two burners, and place the meat over the burner that is not burning.  You can use a smoke box to hold the wet wood chips or wet wood chunks for smoking.

If a person is wanting to take the time to light the charcoal, wait for it to heat, then either let the charcoal burn out, or dispose of the hot coals before considering the process safely completed, the a charcoal grill works great.  You can arrange the coals in two levels, one that is level and one in a stack to create two levels of heat.  You can also add wet wood chips or wet wood chucks to give the food a more smokey flavor.

This should give you a good idea of the differences, the advantages, and the disadvantages of the two types of grills.  The size of the grills can vary greatly, from small, extremely portable ones, to large propane grills with up to five or six burners.  There are  some grills that are a combination of the two.  One end is a propane grill, and the other end is a charcoal grill.  To learn more about portable propane grills visit www.portable propane grills