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Charles Manson Dead at The Age of 76

Published by theone2011 in Satire
December 28th, 2010

Charles Manson, 76, the criminal who led what became the Manson Family in California during the late 1960’s was found dead today in his jail cell at the Corcoran State Prison where he was serving life sentences.

Manson’s first offenses included a string of robberies which consisted of stealing a bicycle which he was caught red handed to two grocery store burglaries at the age of 13 and several auto thefts. Manson’s first imprisonment stemmed from holding a razor blade to another boys throat but good work habits and a rise in his education from a 4th to a 7th grade level won him parole in May of 1954.

After Manson’s release and several other run-ins with the law where he served short sentences and was released, he formed what would be later known as the Manson Family where weak minded people and illiterates would believe he was Jesus. Those followers committed a number of heinous crimes and murders at the direction of Manson.

Manson and his followers were soon caught and received life sentences. According to sources prison officials  found Manson deceased in his jail cell under gruesome circumstances and apparently died from being gagged.

They are not sure who is responsible for his death since it was apparent he was murdered as his foot had been severed and noticeably shoved down his throat. Many mentioned to reporters that it fit Manson well. There will not be any further investigation since the tax payer has already spent more on keeping him alive every day than any one person ever wanted to pay.

To the surprise of reporters, they were told by an unknown inmate, that he should have been done away with years ago.

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