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Funny Hot and Sexy Police Woman

Published by webseowriters in Satire
September 29th, 2009

Real Indian police ladies are hot as you watch in movies but not really bold in reality. So many guys making fun with women police on phones.

Indian Police women are very shy during there service, this is the reason that so many stupid guys record their stupid and somewhat funny messages at women police stations. I got some funny phone messages trough a friend, hope you enjoy it all.

1) Hello,
How are you? I am fine and hope you will be fine too. I am 24 old male a handsome and smart boy from Delhi. I am looking for a girlfriend and wife. If you are really real hot police woman then call me back in your free time Thanks.

2) Hi beautiful police lady how are you and what’s going on? You are looking so nice in newspaper pictures. I want such beautiful girl friend; I am waiting for your positive friendship reply.

3) Hi Maria I want to be a friend of you, if you don’t mind. Please not my cell phone number you can contact me any time. I am from Mumbai the biggest city of India.

4) Hello dear how are you today? Your police profile attracted me and your published video by a TV channel proofs that you are so beautiful, and due to these reasons I want to make a contact with you because your personality truthfully attracted me. I will anxiously wait for your response OK.
Your Boy friend.

5) Hi I am very impressed by your charming personality, Police service s very strict but you feel like a sweat soft rose flower. I want to steal your heart if you don’t mind. Kindly give m one single chance for a hot date. I am waiting madly your incoming response. Keep in mind that I am the only your true lover.

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  1. Posted June 16, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    i got it what you have written

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