In My Dreams: Zombies Taking Over

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11th Jul 2011

Zane & Alley’s college was  invaded by zombies. They were forced to run, hide, climb, and swing from the awnings of buildings to avoid being eaten or turned into one. Life as they knew it would never be the same.

It started in the cafeteria.  Zombies began breaking through windows and doors attacking students, faculty, and staff. Their red, glowing eyes were the only thing that was different. Their modern clothes were not torn or aged.  Their hair , limbs, and faces were normal. It wasn’t until Alley and Zane saw the zombies open their mouths did the razor sharp, shark-like teeth appear and tear into their victims. The zombies ripped them a part and ate them.

At that moment a panic broke out, screams of terror filled the two story open cafeteria. People were stepping over each other scrambling to climb up there. Zane and I , Alley Shorts were lucky enough to be the first from the floor to reach the outcrop balcony where people counted the cafeteria money. Many others tried, only a ten of us made it,  we tried to help them, but the zombies were all over them and pulled them back.   

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I could not turn back to look at those poor students being eaten nor could I help them. I heard their screams and realized we wouldn’t be safe up here for very long. To the right of the cash counting outcrop balcony we were as a door. We went through it.

We ended up in one of the offices. From there it was nonstop climbing, swinging, and running from building to building to escape the clutches of the zombies. After a couple hours of these activity, it seemed hopeless escaping these zombies. They had turned other students into zombies and infected the school. Our only hope was to reach the parking lot and leave campus.

Ground level was invested with zombies. If we were going to survive, Zane and I had to swing from pole to pole on the outside of the buildings on the various , monochrome gray, modern structures that decorated the archway for each building as well as the insides, walkways, and outsides. Finally we had to stop. Zane could not keep up climbing and swinging on his bad arm. He was on the baseball team at school currently benched due to an injured arm. Sadly, he and I knew if we stayed together, we would both die. I couldn’t leave him. He was my love, my heart, and we had been together since high school.

  • lapasan

    Scary, but also hilarious story.thanks.

  • sambasivarao

    This article is deeply touched my heart. I admire this one. Thank you for the sharing.

  • Eunice Tan

    Most dream says about our thoughts, feeling, fear, etc.
    It can tell us many things.