Justin Bieber Sudden Death

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24th Feb 2011

Justin Bieber recently played a dashing role in a famous TV serial CSI Las Vegas; he played the role of a suspected that was killed by a police officer during an encounter. There is no doubt that the young singer gives an excellent performance and work like a professional actor in the serial. 

I just read the news about Justin Bieber death, but when I explore the whole news, I got a laugh because the news was associated with his CSI Las Vegas death scene.

Now what if Justin Bieber died in a real shootout?

1- His 75 hats left alone in his Wardrobe.

2- His 20 guitars will go to auction.

3- JB crush on Beyonce Knowles become an old story.

4- Usher will lose a funky friend.

5- Google Trends will rise with the keywords of Justin Bieber death.

6- moves 76$ millions to 0$.

7- JB 3rd albums will never release out.

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8- Kim Kardashian will find another young guy for private dating.

9- Justin Bieber hair style will kick out from fashion trends.

10- Justin Bieber fans will become fans of some other pop singers.

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  • vijayanths

    Sometimes we get carried away with the headlines of news.

  • lapasan

    I thought Justin Bieber really died.

  • Jimmy Shilaho


  • Chiny

    Bet he will die but not in shootout

  • Andy

    Justin Bieber is a mad guy

  • Manga

    Justin Bieber is a silly actor who can’t reach Hollywod

  • Freak

    I approach to this news just by chance

  • anndavey650

    Honestly… what people will print to sell headlines.

  • webseowriters

    What do I say

  • webseowriters

    @Manga, I also agree with you

  • webseowriters

    @Chiny, well prediction

  • webseowriters

    Yes right, and its a part of daily gossip

  • jemialbert

    good share

  • webseowriters

    Thanks buddy

  • Francois Hagnere

    I was aware he was on this film. So there was no surprise, but your title will be a hit, my friend; Thank you for sharing;

  • webseowriters

    Thanks dear buddy

  • webseowriters


  • AshleyApathy