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Marketing Techniques You Haven’t Thought About

Published by samtheguestblogger in Satire
February 27th, 2013

Are you fed up with your banner ad campaigns not performing and magazine ads not driving any revenue? Maybe it’s time to mix up your marketing tactics. There are endless marketing ideas, and a number of them are off the wall yet very effective. You may or may not have thought of these before, but they are all being used today by companies willing to try some adventurous advertising.

1.       Inflatable Marketing: Think New Year’s Day parade giant inflatables, only smaller and designed specifically for you. Have you ever wanted to turn your top product or brand mascot into a real life-size inflatable? These work particularly well when you want to catch people’s attention at events. Simply search online for advertising inflatables for sale; you will be surprised by how many companies you recognize are already using this tactic.

2.       Tattoos: A little more extreme, but maybe you want to make a big statement. Do you have diehard fans that would be willing to tattoo your message on them in exchange for a lifetime supply of your product? That ad is a lifelong commitment for them, and their friends will always about it, giving you tons of attention.

3.       Skywriting: This is more standard, especially if you live coastal. Small planes carrying giant banner ads down the beaches for the masses to see during summer time is sure to catch a few potential customers’ eyes.

4.       Urinal Ads: Think how many men stare straight ahead at blank walls when in public restrooms. Why don’t you give them something interesting to look at? You’ve got their undivided attention for a minute or so.

5.       Porta-Potty Ads: Now think outside the box… literally. Probably best to stay away if your brand needs to worry about sanitation, but there are thousands of porta-potties not being used for advertising purposes.

6.       Sidewalk Art: A little harder to find experts, but there are artists all over the country that have perfected the childhood hobby of drawing on sidewalks. While passers-by are enjoying the work of art, they will also be consuming your branding and thank you for providing them with something interesting to look at.

7.       Sticker Guerilla Marketing: Last but not least, load up a crew of teenagers with interesting stickers that they could go slap all over the world in every nook and cranny. If it’s a cool sticker, it will spread like wild fire. Prompt the sticker movement with a contest for every photo they take of your sticker in a cool location. Your local business will quickly turn into a global business with the right young and adventurous crowd plastering them everywhere.

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