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Miley Cyrus Tested HIV Positive (Aids)

Published by Kyle R in Satire
September 3rd, 2010

The popular actor and singer Miley Cyrus may have AIDS.

On August 31, 2010, one of the most popular actors/singers Miley Cyrus was tested HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) positive. The retrovirus, which infects and destroys helper T-cells in the immune system, causes the Acquired Immunodeficiency Symdrome, or AIDS when fewer than 200 T-cells exist per microliter of blood. HIV infects people through needles, blood transplants with infected blood, and, most commonly, sex, especially when partners do not know one of them has it or one cheats on his/her partner.

Miley Cyrus declines to speak about her sex life, but she does say this is a disaster to her career and her life. AIDS does not kill its host, but leaves the immune system susceptible to other diseases that would normally not be a problem; however the immune system of an infected person is unable to fight off the disease and the person will die after a few years with AIDS. The highest rate of HIV infection occurs in Africa, where sex trafficking is a major issue.

Allegations have arisen that Cyrus has been cheating on her boyfriend and was somehow infected by pop music star Justin Bieber. He is not available for comment. A spokesperson for the World Health Organization says, “This is a huge problem for all of us, with teens cheating on each other nowadays, but we must continue to press the message to our schoolchildren about the dangers of unsafe sex. Using their idols as examples, we may be able to convince them that even stars can be infected by HIV and possibly die.”

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    Is it true?

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