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Pig’s Ideas: A Short Satire

Published by Yoda in Satire
January 21st, 2009

A small satire about government.

    From a small mountaintop, Pig gazed at the small valley he had taken control of after a peaceful revolution. He knew that he would make this a better place for all the animals to live. After all, life had been quite bad with the old, corrupt government. There were parties in the previous government, and several politicians were corrupt. But that was all over now. Pig new that he could change life for his people who had unanimously elected him as their leader. He could make their lives better. And he would.

    On January 20, 9002, Pig wrote the fundamental laws of the land and showed them to his close friends. To the great surprise of the readers, they simply said, “Pig trusts your better judgment. The only law is to punish the wrongdoers of the community in the proper ways. The people shall have their own way of organizing an army. See to it that the poor are fed. All disputes are to be settled by James the deer, Kate the goat, and Shane the leopard by a vote. “

    “No!” his friends cried. “This will not do! You need a strong government, a system, a body of government to handle the affairs of the people. You need an army as well. You can’t just trust the people.”

    But Pig simply responded, “But you see, my friends, those things caused the downfall of the old government. The people need more freedom. After all, they care for each other. All of them. I know that.” And without further ado, Pig passed several copies of the new law of the land to the horses, who delivered them to all the animals of the valley. “Yes,” said Pig. These new laws will create a just and happy place.

    But around him, his friends slowly shook their heads.

    The next day, Pig woke up to hear horrible screams. He ran to the source of the screams, a small rabbit hole in the middle of the valley. The only resident of the hole that he could see was a small female rabbit who was crying her heart out.

    “What’s wrong?” asked Pig.

    “I’ll tell you what’s wrong! They took my baby!” the little rabbit sobbed. “My only little baby.”

    Pig figured that some kidnappers had snatched the rabbit’s baby in the middle of the night. “Well, didn’t others help?”

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