Songs to Listen to When High

Published by in Satire
6th Oct 2011

Sometimes it’s hard to find new trippy or just good songs to listen to when smoking weed. So I figured I’d put a few out there. The following are in no particular order. They’re just a few random songs I think are great to listen to when high. To see the whole name of song/artist, click the video’s logo in the lower corner (their should be one).






Those are just a few. If you liked them, share this article! If enough people view/comment/like it, the more articles I will come out with just like this! So expect more awesome songs ideas to listen to when you’re high, if you share this article! :)

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  • Sunjhini

    nice share

  • papaleng

    Lucy in ehe Sky with Diamond is a very controversial Beatles song most thought talked about LSD, a drug of the 60s.

  • realityspeaks

    Nice share.

  • Erin Miller

    Don’t have enough time to listen to all these unfortunately. Especially since my internet was cut and I’m at a public library but a good selection nonetheless. At least the ones I know anyway…