Unique Uses for a Tennis Ball

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Here are some clever ways to reuse a tennis ball in your everyday life.  Since I have an abundance of tennis balls on hand from my weekly games, I try to use them to the fullest before tossing out.

When washing and drying your large comforter, many times the drying process seems to go on for hours.  To speed up the drying time of bulky bedding, just toss one or two tennis balls into the dryer and you will notice that your items will dry quicker and they just may come out fluffier too.

If you have constant scuff marks on your floor, try using a tennis ball to remove the marks.  You will be surprised how those spots just disappear with a swipe or two!

Use tennis balls to anchor helium balloons.   Knot together a group of ribbons attached to balloons.  Cut a small “X” mark in the top of a ball and insert the knot.  If you need a heavier anchor, try filling the tennis ball with some sand. 

Dogs love to play with tennis balls. If you do not personally have a dog, you can take your old tennis balls to an animal shelter or give them to your neighbors who do have dogs.  Dogs love to chase and bring back tennis balls and they are the perfect size for their mouths.

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If you have high ceilings in your home you may be frustrated trying to get those cobwebs cleaned up.  To clean cobwebs from these nearly impossible heights, wrap a dust cloth around an old tennis ball and tie with twine. Toss the tennis ball up onto the ceiling where the cobwebs are and they will get stuck on the cloth.

Donate them to a senior center or assisted-living facility-tennis balls make great skid stoppers on the legs of walkers and perhaps some individuals could use a tennis ball to strengthen their grip when having hand, wrist or finger injuries or medical conditions.

Hang one on string from the garage roof to help you park without running into things. When it touches the windshield you know it’s time to stop and your vehicle is properly parking inside.

When packing something for shipping in a box that’s too large, use tennis balls as shock-absorbing cushions that will hold the item steady in the box.


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