You Don’t Want to Commit an Imperfect Murder, Do You?

Imperfect Murder # 1: Don’t go Upside-Down!

Claude and George Oliver deliberately let the car insurance lapse on Claude’s car, so no one would suspect insurance fraud. Claude and his nephew George were inseperable pals and that didn’t change when Claude suddenly married Delia Ringer. Claude thougt of Delia as nothing but a huge dollar sign. He had convinced her to take an insurance policy for $5,000 with a double idemnity clause in case she died in an accident and with him as beneficiary.

One day, Claude drove his wife and his best pal to a bridge just outside the town of Davis, Oklahoma. George used a tire iron on the head of Delia and Claude bashed her face in with a rock. The blood spewed down the seat and car floor. Then Claude and George moved the car to the bridge rail and pressed the starter, sending the car over the side. It landed upside-down in the jagged gully below.

Claude and George told the police they’d been going too fast, downhill and on a curve, when the faulty steering gear gave way. George had been driving, with Claude on the outside of the front seat and Delia in the middle. The two men had leaped to safety, but Delia had been trapped. 

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Now, if you don’t want to end up with your insurance money on death row, you have to plan your murder more carefully. These guy’s were not pro and though Delia’s face and skull were battered, there were no bruises on her arms. A person plunging off a bridge in a speeding car generally throws the hands up to shield the face too. And last but not least, blood had stained the car seat and the floor, but the car had landed upside-down, Delia was lying on her back on the car’s ceiling… and there was virtually no blood where it should have been…

Claude and his nephew were executed on August 23, 1933.


Imperfect Murder # 2: Complete your Plumbing! 

Willie Guldensuppe wanted Augusta Nack from the day he moved into the Nack home as a border, and so he got Mr. Nack moving out of his own house in disgust. Augusta fell in love with another boarder, Martin Thorne, and Willie gave him a beating and booted him out of the house. But Augusta and Martin kept seeing each other in secret and began thinking of how they could finish Willie.


  • Really, did you think all that material up. I don’t like anything that has to do with murder. We have enough of that in real life. Do we have to read about it, as well. Another thought, someone will read it and use the tactics to do the same. I realize other people like to read these types of articles, and who am I to put my two cents worth in. For those that enjoy it, you have written it very well.
    We amateur writers do not have a chance against you professional, but where would we be without you?

  • It amazes me the lengths these murderers went to just to gain the wealth of their victims. I’m so glad that their plans to obtain the wealth were foiled in the end and that the murderers were caught in their own web of deceit and they were caught by the authorities and had to fess up to their crimes and received justified punishment to the extent of the law.

    Take Care,

    Joanna Maharis

  • Mwa-ha-haa.. This is great for someone with a macabre sense of humor. xD

    I enjoyed it. Sure, it sucks to be a victim but hey, it probably feels great to see the dumbasses get hauled off to the electric chair. lmao

    But, very creative. Enjoyed the duck one xDDDD

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