Published by in Humor
5th Feb 2013

Flowing electric current from start to end, riding up your legs and buckling your knees and to your arms, futile brackets holding your shaking body in from explosion. The charge runs up and makes your neck stand straight, you’re shaking a convulsion occurs and you spasm to the floor, weeping tears but hearing no sound. Foetal position, vulnerable and worst of all, loud.

It can hear you, your petty shrieks and rasped mercy cries, but his hands just tighten. A smirk you cannot see emerges and he raises every one of his arms, the hat he wears tilts over what would be his eyes but the blank face has no feature. You’re falling into the white, further and further into the head of that man, screams of the sinners roar in your ears like a supressed flame. Rocket, boom taking off and your feel all the arms wrap your writhing body, now as you read this he breaths and you shiver. Hand snaking up your leg ready to snap you like a cracker.

That’s not the end, not the waves of pain gushing out of you though. The end comes when you are drawn an inch away from his face and you see the smirk, a glint of a smile SCREAMS and white blades of teeth lacerate you into little pieces and leave you to bleed on the floor, arms loosen and you fall to the floor, all in time to watch him walk away.