Strange Expressions I Don’t Understand

Published by in Humor
11th Feb 2017

Some expressions need explaining here are a few.

Strange Expressions

This expression I don’t understand “Legally Drunk.” Does that mean I can drive my vehicle because I am legally pissed?

“You know where to stick it.”  Does that refer to a tube of glue?

“Lock him up and throw away the key” why do that best I can throw a key is about fifty meters. Wouldn’t it be better to say “lock him up and tell him where to stick it with the tube of glue?”

“You are the greatest thing since sliced bread?”  I don’t think sliced bread is all that great, more of a baguette man myself and sliced bread needs something on top of it?

“I am more than happy to that.” If your more than happy you must be nuts, so what you are saying is

“I would be nuts to do that”

“In your own words.”  I was asked that in court once, “Now tell the Jury in your own words.”  So I told them goo, obbly,  milting,  and I got six months for contempt of court.

“Garbage in and Garbage out.” Why would anyone take Garbage in they normally go out for a take away surely it should be Garbage out then Garbage in? Perhaps they are referring to what we eat that will do it,

Garbage in then Garbage out the new slogan for all drive in cafes.