The Dirtiest Household Items

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5th Sep 2013

Have you ever wondered which are the dirtiest items and pieces of furniture in your house? Have you ever wanted to know which items you have to clean more often? Do you want to know where most allergies and health issues come from? Well, don’t stop reading then. I will provide you with a list of the dirtiest household items.

Here it is:

  • I will start with the kitchen sponge/cloth. It is proved that this item houses about ten million bacteria per square centimetre. It is about 100 times dirtier than your toilet seat. It is very important to replace your kitchen cloths and sponges a few times a month. Don’t wait until it gets torn, but change it more frequently.
  • Remote controls for your TV, air conditioners, humidifiers, and other appliances which can be controlled from distance. The small buttons of your remove controls are the perfect hiding-place for germs, bacteria and other micro-organisms. Moreover, when you touch them with greasy and dirty hands, you leave traces on them, which attract more micro-organisms and dirt.
  • Light switches and computer keyboards – the same as with the remote controls, they house lots of bacteria transferred by you.
  • Refrigerators – it is a fact that in some countries from middle east and in some parts of the United Kingdom, the refrigerator is far dirtier and bacteria-infected than a toilet seat. Yes, you read it right! Some people’s toilet seats are cleaner than their fridges. This is a very disturbing fact, which everyone has to consider when making some kind of a fridge cleaning schedule.
  • Another dirty household item, which you probably don’t even suspect as such is your chopping board. A lot of people only wipe this item with kitchen paper. They don’t use any detergents, they don’t even use water. This is wrong as food bits and juices attract bacteria and germs. You have to give your chopping boards a proper cleaning.
  • The last item, which according to me is the most dangerous in every household, is the carpet. It is among the dirtiest ones, but it is not the dirtiest, as you already know. It is very dangerous to leave it not cleaned, though, because the domestic dust that is absorbed by every rug causes lots of domestic and health problems. It attracts dust mites, pests, bacteria and other micro-organisms, which can infect you with different diseases, such as allergies, rhinitis, athlete’s foot, runny nose, itchy eyes, and even asthma. You might even get some gastroenterological problem. That is why expert and in other London areas recommend regular maintenance. Don’t leave your soft floorings dirty and stained, but clean them as often as possible.

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This is my list of dirtiest household items. Excuse me, if I’ve skipped some other and feel free to add it in the comments.