The Dress is Black and Blue

Published by in Humor
30th Jul 2016

The latest “question” to do the rounds on the Internet is about the colour of a dress. Surely the “answer” is simple?

Got to love a bit of Internet nonsense! And the latest thing to kick off comes down to whether a picture shows a dress that is ‘black and blue’ or ‘white and gold’. It seems to be the hot topic of the moment and all across social media people are debating it – but is there really any debate at all! Surely there shouldn’t be any debate about what the colour of something is! So what’s going on?

Above you will see the dress in question! What colours do you think it is? ‘Black and Blue’ or ‘White and Gold’?
For me there is no debate at all. When I first saw the picture I said to myself it’s black and blue no doubt about it. How anyone can see white and gold is, quite frankly, beyond me. And yet many were saying that is what they see. Are they crazy? Are they lying? Is there just a lot of ‘funny’ people out there claiming it is coloured differently just for the lulz? Or is it me that is crazy? Is it actually white and gold and my eyes (well, my brain) playing tricks on me.

Wait a second though, surely there is an easy way to check for sure, I thought! So I took the image opened it with the most basic of computer programs – Paint – and decided to do a ‘colour pick’ with it. I mean, sure, it’s possible for the brain to compute a different colour from what it actually is but a computer program won’t be fooled like that.

Using the same image on Paint I created a few circles over the image and then indiscriminantly used the ‘pick colour’ tool to select the colour that was close to each of the circles and then filled the circle with that colour. And to make it even more clear I also created ‘bars’ at the side of the image and replicated the filled colour on each of those. Clearly, because of the ‘lighting’ of an image any ‘colour match’ may differ slightly but it will still be the same ‘base’ colour – the result is below.

You can clearly see that the computer program is reading the colours as being ‘black and blue’ and not ‘white and gold’. So why do so many people see it as the latter? I don’t really know, but what I do know is that the ’science’ behind the explanation that is doing the rounds is utter nonsense. It claims, and I quote, that;

“Scientists have proven that when there is a big event in your life that is having a negative effect on you, your sighting of colors may vary and that is why some people are seeing black and blue.”

Whilst the first part of that may well have some ’scientific’ truth behind it, the latter part is utter tosh!
As an interesting ‘quirk’ to the whole thing. If one was to invert the colours of the image (again using Paint) then this is what you are left with;

You can judge for yourself what colours are involved in the ‘invert’ version!

Over to you now, dear reader, what colours do you think the dress is? And can you explain why opinion is split about it?