The Stupidest and Coolest Toilets Around The World

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19th Jul 2010

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The life of a businessman is always tied to a hectic schedule but with this mobile toilet, it makes their go-go attitude easier. They no longer have to worry about searching for a toilet, (especially in remote areas) to keep their bowels regular. As this toilet can hold waste, it might be used as a way to earn a living on the street.

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Yuck, this toilet is scary! I don’t want to relieve here.

This is an unusual toilet made from a musical band. But, I’m not sure whether it plays music while one sits on it.

Unbelievable! Even a toilet can accommodate a couple! I surrender; I’ve nothing to say now!

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I think pokers will like this type of toilet. Am I right?

I’m a bit confusing. Am I in a bathroom or a bar? Next time, you go to Vienna you’ll encounter with this weirdly designed toilet bar which is a small public bathroom situated in an underpass just near to the National Opera.

Do you want to relieve yourself at this widely opened red lips? These mouth-shaped, bright red urinals resemble a woman’s mouth. Wouldn’t the ideas that come from looking at this toilet cause one to be disgusted and disturbed? Don’t you think they are degrading to females?

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Be careful, female! You are sitting on a man!

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This luxurious Swarovski crystal studded toilet was designed by Jemal Wright and has been available since 2008. It’s an eye catcher for your bathroom from the Isis collection anchoring a classy commode’s 50,000 handset Swarovski crystals selling at $75,000 for its magnificent outlook and design. Are you being tempted to install this toilet? Think that, $75k can get you a car or perhaps many nights at a luxurious hotel.

Notice something strange here? Yes, there is an aquarium making up part of its tank. I guess fish enthusiasts may enjoy this bathroom. If you would like to install this toilet, never worry, the fish won’t get flushed.

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Would you like to have a cup of coffee here? But, this cup of coffee doesn’t seem very sanitary, right?

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I don’t think I’ll relieve here. Somebody is looking at me, and there’s no privacy for me to do my much needed duty.

It is said that this Japanese made mechanical urinal found in Osaka, Japan can move up and down and even sing when you’re peeping in it. But let me warn you, be careful of his teeth! After all, he may “eat” you up!

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I just don’t like this toilet. Nuns are sacred persons, how could their image be built into the urinals to hold human waste?

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  • Christine Ramsay

    Some of these are hilarious. Their designers must have a real sense of humour. A great post.


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    Really Chan, this one was hilarious. What a compilation, hats off to you.

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    This is really funny! Great pics!

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    Those are some pretty strange and funny toilets! Fun article Chan.

  • Mr Ghaz

    This is so bizarre but very interesting as usual Chan. Nice thoughts and bright ideas. Thanks for posting 8) :)

  • giftarist

    Man, talking about bizarre and stupidity. :D Though they are hilarious-looking things, it’ll feel strange just to pee on them. lol

  • Joanna Maharis

    Fascinating article. I agree with you with regarding to using nun sculptures as urinals. I truly believe it is disrespectful of whoever designed them, in addition to lack of respect from those people who placed them there in the first place.

  • Judy Sheldon

    Chan, I think there are some crazy people out there to invent some of these, such as the nuns and mouths, but others just show playfulness. Great write with some really funny pics!


    Very funny…………..great post

  • Mark Gordon Brown

    I would be disgusted by some especially the one attached to the bathtub, yuck.

  • Eunice Tan

    Cool and unique!

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    very funny and few are weired.

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    Great fun article about toilets around the world. thank you.

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    Really weird toilets. I really don’t understand how someone can come up with such strange ideas.

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    Weird toliets! Thanks for always informing us and leaving us smiling. My day is almost to an end and I’m smiling. Thanks!

  • valli

    How people are crazy! These are really stupid.

  • Jo Oliver

    amazing! Most of these are just plain old tacky. It never ceases to amaze what some view as “art.”

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    Some of these are really weird! I’d be scared of using that second one! nice article.

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    very funny

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    This is really cool Chan. Liked!

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    Too creative for relieve. Another well done article.

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    Cool list Chan. My wife will surely love the aquarium bowl, she loves aquarium.

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    These toilets are amazing. I have never seen anything like them before. I couldn’t even imagine using toilets like these.

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    One of a kind my friend. I couldn’t agree more.

  • akira14

    i totally disagree those nun toilets, it should be remove and society shouldn’t allow that nun images are be placed in toilets..

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    haha! the aquarium toilet is amazing! are those real goldfish?haha
    so fun to read. tnx chan

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    Hahaha, I want that mug!! Great share :)

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