“Thirteen” Crazy But Accepted Myths..

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4th Aug 2010

Myths are some things that have been coming down for centuries due to some small incident that may have occurred. Due to this reason, they tend to get really funny and unbelievable. Anyhow many people earlier and many people yet believe in these myths.

   I have collected a few myths that I have been hearing since a very young age, probably all my life, but I still find them hard to accept. I don’t even understand how the people who created them linked the things that happened or were done and the expected results. They are far from even being related! Take a look at these myths for instance.

   i) If a you see or hear a crow crowing within the premises of your house, you will soon be having a guest.

   ii) If you eat directly from the saucepan or the serving dish, it will rain on your wedding. 

   iii) If you hit someone with a wooden spoon handle, they will get very thin. Fat people should always have that done to them in that case.. :P

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   iv) Don’t drink coconut water or you will get foolish.

   v) If you kick the ground with your big toe, you are reducing the lifetime of your parents.

   vi) If a bat enters a house, it is soon to be vacant.

   vii) If you hear a cat crying or a dog howling, you are about to hear news of death. 

 Now, here is my collection of myths about evil spirits.

    i) If you don’t wash your mouth after eating, you will see evil spirits.

   ii) When you take or send food out of the house in the evening or after, you must keep a piece of lime on the tray or else evil spirits will get attracted to it and come.

   iii) If you sleep on your stomach, an evil spirit will sit on your back! (This myth used to frighten me a lot when I was little..)

 And here is what I know about babies.

   i) If you eat coconuts while expecting, the baby to be born will be very fair. 

   ii) Don’t stitch anything in such a way that it is closed while expecting or the baby will find it difficult to come out!

   iii) You must not show a baby the mirror before it starts talking or it will not be able to talk properly. Now, this myth unlike some others, can not be experimented or checked. Who would want to take the risk of meddling with their child’s speaking capability.

I hope none of these myths scared you and more than that I hope you don’t start believing in any of these.. :)

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  • Raj the Tora

    Very good write up of our superstitional beliefs.

  • Kathleen Murphy

    Very interesting! But we had a bat in the house years ago.

  • Atanacio

    very good very clever

  • Videomark

    Very enjoyable read.

  • Anuradha Ramkumar

    Good collection of myths. I have heard some of these myths.

  • carissimi

    very cute and nice .


    nice share.

  • Brenda Nelson

    I live in the country we hear crows all the time.. and never have company!

  • LoveDoctor

    I enjoyed these very much. never heard of them before. good one.

  • AskSan

    Very good read. Though the wooden spoon one did not work for me. Have to find someone to hit me again… ;) Thanks for sharing :)

  • Starpisces

    haha, very interesting, I have heard of some. Sometimes we just listen to what the elderly advise, follow some, just not to provoke them..

  • sasuke191

    Lol!… Thanks, all!!.. &&&&


    13 is a lucky number

    i’m glad u rn’t afraid of selecting it

    good work no myth

    i am a scientist

  • Joseph Scott

    Interesting myths.. Never heard of most of these. Most myths have roots in fact or of some event that happend to someone long ago and now everyone takes it as fact. Nice share! :)

  • heidiefernandez

    haha… very good… and very funny too.

  • sasuke191

    Hehe!.. Thanks!.. &&&&

  • William2010

    Weird, never heard any of these myths.
    I hope they are all myths as well :-)
    The only myths I know are the ones where you get bad luck, like walking under a ladder or breaking a mirror!

    Good Read :-)

  • sasuke191

    Lol!!…. Glad you enjoyed it!!.. &&&&

  • Brett Bennett

    Ha! This is very interesting. I’ve never heard of some of these before!

  • Webiny

    Lol! Most of these were new to me, but I’ve heard the one about the baby and the coconut milk. it goes on to state that, conversely, drinking cocoa will make the baby dark. I’d love to know how some of these myths get going because some of them seem so odd. =)