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Top Nine Money Pranks!

Published by Bert Flinney in Humor
October 4th, 2010

Different jokes & pranks involving money that could just make your day.

The following are not in order. It’s just a collection of the ten most used cash pranks & tricks.

1. Classic: Fishing for greed.

The age-old classic prank. Tie a bill or coin to a fishing line, wait untill someone wants to grab it, and then swiftly pull on the line to make the money slide away. Variations include doing this from a balcony, making the money seemingly ‘fly’ away, or looping the line around objects and watch your victim run around trying to get it!

2. Classic: Sticky situations…

Take a coin of any sorts, works best with 25 cents and above, and glue it to a clearly visible object such as a park bench or a windowsill. Watch people trying hopelessly to pry the coin off of the surface it’s attached to!

3. Risky: Got you! Wallet.

This is a prank which could lose you your wallet. So don’t use an overly expensive one. Take a wallet, make it completely empty except for a note saying something in the lines of ‘Got you, Ha!’. In a crowded place, make it look like you’ve dropped your wallet and then walk away subtly. Hide behind something, a corner, a garbage can, anything, and watch the faces of your ‘lucky finders’ contort into an angry frown!

4. Risky: Buying Park avenue?

You need to be able to keep a ‘poker face’ for this prank. Go to any convenience store, load a shopping cart full or groceries, let the cashier scan everything and finally pay. But not with normal money, use something like the notes you get with ‘Monopoly’. Money you’ve drawn yourself is even funnier sometimes. Be careful, you could get kicked out of the store or even banned!

5. Classic: Do you accept change?

You need to be able to keep a ‘poker face’ for this prank. Go to any store, fill up on stuff, and go to the cash register and ask if they accept change. If they say yes, you’re good to go. Let the cashier scan everything and finally pay… with single cent coins. For an even funnier effect, count the cents on the spot. Again, be careful, getting kicked out or banned isn’t impossible.

6. Funny: Coin toss!

Go to a crowded place, sit somewhere comfortable, and get your coins ready. Quarters work best, but this could become an expensive prank if you want to do it multiple times. From the place your sitting, toss or roll a coin into the crowd. Watch people getting, or perhaps even fighting over, the coin!

7. Funny: Got cash?

You need to be able to keep a ‘poker face’ for this prank. Similar to the other store pranks, fill up on items, go to the register and scan all your stuff. When you need to pay, check your wallet and pretend to notice you’re about ten dollars short. Here’s when the poker face comes in. Turn around and ask the next person in line if you could borrow 10 dollars. This only works well if the person is a complete stranger. Afterwards, about 5 minutes of argueing later, you realise you have 10 dollars in your back pocket.

8. Funny: Exchange.

This works well at any place you need to pay. When you’re asked to pay a certain amount of money, pull out a little bag of things such as buttons, laces, pieces of cloth, used tissues, ect. Attempt to pay with those. Be sure to have enough money with you for the actual transaction to prevent you from getting into real trouble. Variations on this include using pieces of food or, a gross option, toe nail clippings.

9. Gross: Money does stink.

To make this trick work, you need either a ‘fake dog poop’, found in prank stores or online, or make one yourself. To make fake poop mix melted butter, brown sugar, chocolate and dark sand. Roll this into a fitting shape. After you’ve got your smelly surprise, go to a crowed place. Take your fake poop, stick a cash note in it and place it in a visible spot. Stand to the side and watch people intensly decide whether they’d take the bill or not!

Warning: Some of these pranks may get you into trouble. So don’t overdo them. When doing the store pranks, always make sure you have enough with you for the full transaction and when people start freaking out: apologize!

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