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Funny Road Signs, Sure to Make You Smile

Published by A rack g in Travel
December 9th, 2007

Ever passed a sign and said wow, whoever came up with that has a good sense of humor? Well, I have been lucky and have stumbled across many.

Watch Out for the Sharp Edges

This one sign is brilliant. It makes the main point of the sign having sharp edges, and in small font, states the bridge is ahead. Great use of humor. So pointless, it is clear the person who put it up, wanted to give all the drivers a laugh

Good Dogs

“Grrrr,bark,woof. Good dog.”What a great sign. I do not think a single person who has seen this sign has not had a smile. Also you dog guardians, pick up after the dogs, they know what your doing.

In the Mood for Love and Romance? Nah there Might be Trouble

Well this is Not Hypocritical

“Honey, stop walking, see the sign? It says the sidewalk has ended.” “Oh, thank you for pointing that out dear, good thing we have these signs”.

Have Fun Figuring this One Out

Okay Fine, I’ll Get you Some Ice Cream, Just Stop Screaming!

What a Great Sign. Bikers and Drivers, Please, Learn to Share to Road

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  1. redifi
    Posted December 9, 2007 at 10:21 am

    lol…u have just copied these from another website and dont deny it. Beside most of them arent even funny; ive got a book with all them in so u illegally copied

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