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Ways to Annoy People While They are Sleeping

Published by ckwolfs in Humor
August 20th, 2009

The best ways to annoy people.

Do you have a annoying roommate who gets on your nerves and you want to get them back in their sleep read on, I have found some of the funniest annoying pranks to do while your roommate is sleeping to get them ticked while they are sleeping!

If your roommate is a boy make him look like a girl with nail polish and loads of make up, if your roommate is a girl then drop a sweat sock in their face.

Put olive oil in their pants that really sucks.

keep on slapping them across their face until they wake up and say there’s an emergency make up something e.g. I cant sleep, we’ve run out of toilet paper

Grab their arm and bite them this may sound weird but it really annoys people

Draw on their face e.g. beard, moustache fill their hand with shaving cream and tickle their nose this will get their face covered in shaving cream.

Buy loads of alarm clocks then set them off all around his room for the exact time at around…3am in the morning.

Try to put his fingers in water and he will wet the bed.

Put fake hand cuffs on your roommate and play the roll of kidnapper.

Place the speakers of a stereo against the wall and play something at annoying at full volume…that should get their attention.

Put a wet tortilla on their face.

Put lime in there mouth when there sleeping with there mouth open.

Block their nose and their mouth and wait until they wake up.

Don’t try any of the above on anyone you don’t know or someone who has a bad temper has a bad temper also try making some of your own.


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